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We invite you to experience the benefits of naprapathy. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, an acute injury, or seeking to improve your overall wellness, our team of skilled professionals is here to help. To get started, simply click the “Book Appointment” button on our website to schedule a session.

For new patients, we understand that the first visit can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer initial paperwork on our website to help you prepare and streamline your visit. Please take a few minutes to complete the necessary forms before your appointment, so we can focus on addressing your health concerns during our time together.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about naprapathy or the appointment process. We look forward to helping you restore balance, alleviate pain, and feel your best.

New Patient Paperwork

Please download and print and fill out prior our appointment, or arrive early to allow for completion time.  We are not able to add additional time into our scheduling for form filling, so if not completed prior, it could shorten the main appointment.   Thank you for your understanding!   

Complimentary Introductory Consultation 15 min by Phone

The purpose of this call is to see if Naprapathy is right for your needs and to answer any questions you might have prior to making an appointment.

Initial Patient Appointment
1.5 hr

  • Patient history
  • Orthopedic testing
  • Therapeutic treatment based on findings
  • Follow up exercises if applicable

Existing Patient Rebooking
1 hr

Please use this appointment block for all follow up appointments. Add any relevant information such as trouble areas or changes since the previous appointment. 



Appointments Include the Following:

An extensive review of personal health history (initial appointment), and physical examination (all appointments).

Therapies are based on individual history, and findings. The appointments involve, hands on palpation and releasing of the associated structures by way of Naprapathic release of “buckled ligaments”, in addition to linked structural layers and corresponding neural tissue.

Postural counseling consisting of individualized exercises will be given at appropriate time within the therapy. Manual techniques are often combined with advice regarding physical activity, ergonomics and rehabilitative exercises in order to "teach you how to fish" moving forward, to actively engage you in feeling great for days to come.

When necessary, nutritional counseling is incorporated.

Utilization of restorative modalities.