Assistive Devices Used in Naprapthy Treatments

Assistive devices used in Naprapathy are designed to help prevent, correct, and alleviate physical disability. These devices are used together with manual therapy techniques to support the rehabilitative process and aid in pain and symptom management.

Here are some examples of assistive devices used in Naprapathy:

  1. Exercise balls – also known as stability balls, these large inflatable balls are used to improve balance, coordination, stability, and strength. They can be used for various exercises and can target different muscle groups in the body, particularly in the core.
  2. Thera-bands – these stretchy bands are used for resistance training and physical therapy exercises. They come in different colors, indicating varying levels of resistance, and can be used to target specific muscle groups.
  3. Lacrosse balls – these small, firm balls are used for self-myofascial release, a type of massage technique that targets tight muscles and connective tissue. Lacrosse balls can be used to apply pressure to trigger points, increasing blood flow to the area and relieving muscle tension and pain.
  4. Foam rollers – these cylindrical foam rollers are used for self-massage, stretching, and mobilization exercises. Foam rollers can help to release tension in muscles and improve range of motion and flexibility.

Assistive devices used in Naprapathy are chosen based on the patient’s individual needs and goals. They can be used in combination with other manual therapy techniques to help patients manage pain, maintain mobility, and achieve optimal health and wellness.

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