Hydrotherapy, Hot and Cold.

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that has been used for centuries to heal various ailments. It involves the use of water, often in various forms like hot or cold, to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. Hydrotherapy is an effective tool in Naprapathy, as it can be used to increase the elasticity of connective tissues and stimulate metabolism. Hydroculator heat packs and hot towels are common tools of hydrotherapy used by Naprapaths to help patients recover from a wide range of conditions. These applications generate a therapeutic warmth that helps to relieve pain, increase blood flow, and promote tissue healing.

In naprapathy we use hydrotherapy to provide their patients with a safe and effective method of pain relief, reducing inflammation and improving overall mobility. By combining hydrotherapy with other modalities of Naprapathy, patients can often experience quicker recovery times and better treatment outcomes.  Hydrotherapy can offer holistic and effective treatments to promote overall health and wellness.

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